The three main features of Status Machine’s service

The three features that we focus on in Status Machine are:

  1. Holistic and Opinionated verification of your web presence
  2. Global overview of your web presences
  3. Timely notifications of your web presences’ issues

Let’s go with the first one:

Holistic and Opinionated verification of your web presence

By holistic, we mean that rather than focusing on the website being “up” in the sense that it’s responding a 200 status code and give a non-empty HTTP response body, we also take into account other things that could affect the accessibility of that website.

For example: if a site is still up in the traditional sense, but on your web browser, it is warning you that your site’s connexion is not private, because your SSL certificate has expired, we consider it as important as “being down” in the Network or HTTP sense.

This is really important, because a lot of factors are making your site work as intended, and although we need to report the problems to you in a specific way, we will treat it as something as urgent as a “404 not found on your home page” issue.

Also, we have an Opinionated approach to what should be verified on your website. If you’re looking for a service that checks whether your telnet port on your server is responding properly or not, there are plenty of tools out there. What we offer is no-nonsense, state of the art verifications that fits most of your needs in terms of Web monitoring.

Global overview of your web presences

Notice the s at the end of “presences”.

We really believe that having a full, bird’s eye view of your websites’ fleet is a very relevant way of conveying to you the current state of all your websites, at a glance.

And having them laid out like that, all in one place, gives you instant visibility over things you should know about your sites.

No fluff.

Timely notifications of web presences’ issues

Notifications by email, first. Not one email every time we see something. Less, but more relevant emails. Because we respect your inbox. And you stay on top of your game, being the first to know when something needs to be checked. i.e. before your client.

And very soon, we will also offer webhooks and slack integrations, so you can have your notifications the way you like, to fit your optimal workflow.