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Why is my site broken? When did that happen?

Know exactly what happened -and what changed- from version A to version Z. Know the causes and the effects of your issues and learn how to fix them!

Start making your life easier with Status Machine

You might have received a call from a costumer while you were busy. He might have told you about how his site was visually broken and you had no way of knowing since when the problem appeared, or what caused it. We've been there as well. That's why we created our product to get you the peace of mind you need.

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What makes Status Machine so great for your company?


We believe WordPress is the perfect tool for making the Web simpler and more accessible for everyone who has something to communicate. That's why we focus on this platform.

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It's an investment

How many precious hours did you spend debugging visual issues that you initially didn't know anything about? We can help you focus on more pressing issues.

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It's 100% safe

Security is our priority and we safeguard your private data to make sure it remains safe, anonymous and encrypted.

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Features you can't afford to miss!

Status Machine works like an insurance policy: the sooner you're covered, the better. Say goodbye to UI bugs.

Easy setup

We guide you trough every step. We have your back from your very subscription to your site's configuration.

User friendly interface

It's easy to use! Our design and user experience specialists worked hard to make sure less tech savvy costumers can find their way from the get-go.

Peace of mind

Status Machine will monitor your site closely. Any visual issue that appears will be detected, so you can focus on creating great content.

Exceptional support

Status Machine's business philosophy is customer-centered. Providing high quality customer support is our priority.

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Meet the team

Julien Desrosiers

Julien Desrosiers


Pierre-Luc Thivierge

Pierre-Luc Thivierge

Technical advisor

Julie Lapointe

Julie Lapointe

Web Designer

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